Copy of Screen Printed Products

Screen Printed in USA

Many online retailers use heat transfers and direct to garment printing for the apparel they sell. While those printing methods are commercially acceptable, they do result in designs that are less vibrant.

Unlike other retailers, all our HockeyLife apparel is screen printed in the USA. Screen printing results in more colorful and professional looking apparel.

In addition, heat transfers and direct to garment printing allow retailers to manufacture one product at a time without the need to maintain inventory. Often, the retailer is using a third party to print and ship the garment. In those cases, the retailer never even sees the clothing that is delivered to the customer and may not even care how the product looks.

Unlike other retailers, we do maintain an inventory of our products and ship directly to our customers. This allows us to inspect all of our HockeyLife apparel before it is shipped. If the print on any item of HockeyLife clothing is unacceptable to us, it does not get shipped to you. This ensures that you will be receiving a professional looking screen printed garment.

So don't settle. Purchase authentic HockeyLife screen printed clothing.